Following on from our short documentary film Break Mission which has been featured on Strife.tv and graffiti/hiphop art magazine Wordplay, we decided to make a more bite sized production specifically on the breakdancer Justroc.

Featured on BBC Fresh's website. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01pmncz

This short portrait addresses Justroc's passion for bboyin' and breakdancing and how important it is for him in his life, and has been shot over a period of 8 months. The film features footage from alot of the Break Mission's charity jam's where many breakdancers from across the UK and abroad compete. The charity itself has held successful events in Malyasia, Hong Kong, Scotland, England and New York.

We decided to shoot the film on the canon 5d markiii and filmed alot of it at 50 fps to give us the ability to slow alot of the footage down. We decided to use a track by Moth Equals 'Daydreaming' whos work has been been featured on BBC Radio 6, his music perfectly complimented the words of Justroc.

Music by: Moth Equals (Album:Dreamcoat 2012) Track: Daydreaming - http://mothequals.bandcamp.com/

Dancer/interviewee: Justin 'Justroc' Lie