Film Brief:

The 3rd of our trilogy of films for Manchester Metropolitan Business School -was to capture a film that showed  "A day in the life" of an undergraduate MMU student (well two actually)

We follow these two characters and their experience of being a student in Manchester from dawn till dusk. Will they manage to meet each other on the way?


Manchester Metropolitan University: Business School

Client Feedback:

"We worked with Daylight to produce three new short films for the Business School. We wanted the three films to be more than your standard ‘corporate video’ – we wanted something that really captured the character of the Business School and what’s like to study in Manchester. Matt and his team did a great job.

They captured some amazing footage of our buildings, campus and events. They were also incredibly resourceful – filming from the back of rickshaws, capturing dawn and dusk shots from the top of some of our tallest buildings and using their extensive network of contacts to provide us with access to different city centre locations.

They also took care to ensure that all of the students, staff and guests felt comfortable in front of camera. The attention to detail applied during the editing process was exquisite and the final films were top class.

Elizabeth Farnhill - Marketing Officer

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